Casuarina Curry Christmas Catering Menu 2018

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Casuarina Curry Christmas Indian Catering Services.
  2. Minimum 20 Pax for self-collection order. All self-collection must be made at 187 Macpherson Road Singapore (348545).
  3. Minimum 40 Pax for One Way Disposable Delivery.
  4. Minimum 80 Pax for Full Buffet Delivery. 
  5. No buffet setup on Christmas Day
  6. Orders must be placed minimum 5 days in advance.
  7. All Price inclusive of 7% GST.
  8. To ensure that you have placed your order successfully you should receive a copy of your order to your email.
  9. The catering manager will contact you within 2 days to confirm the details provided to us and the availability for your time slot.
  10. 50% deposit is required to confirm the order.
  11. Any changes to your order must be made 1 week before the order date.
  12. Cancellation before the event will result in your deposit being forfeited.
  13. Cancellation on the day of the event will require you to pay the full amount.
  14. Packing material will not be provided as it is against the NEA law.